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Temperature and Fly Fishing

One of the most important items in the fishing vest is your thermometer. Sometimes temps are the most crucial factor when choosing a place to fish. As a general rule, 61 or 62 is about prime for rainbows; add one or two degrees more for Browns. Whenever temps move towards the prime, fishing tends to improve.   Read More


The Underground Picks the Dozen Best Fly Rods of All Time 

Nothing fires a discussion among fly fishing's faithful more than the subject of fly rods. They are, after all, the most significant tools of the trade, and what's more, fly fishermen love to argue. The right fly rod feels like an extension of your arm; flies appear precisely where you're looking (as if by magic), and landing trout is a pleasure. Naturally, one man's great fly rod is another's pool cue or noodle. Read More


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